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Hello followers!!

Please take a little time to join Bestrancelyrics facebook page here (if you have a face ofc) and also spread the word about this blog, cuz I really do it with love, no kidding.. I enjoy updating this blog and especially cuz you guys help me which is amazing cuz I can’t do it all by myself!

Now, I have a lot of work to do :< and as you guys always help me and I hope I'm not abusing now… I'll post a list of the songs that have been requested, in case that you know the lyrics or think you can help me! I'll try to keep it updated to the last! πŸ˜€ And of course, I'm working on them too xD So here's the list:

– Artento Divini feat. Cornelis van Dijk – My Sanctuary

– Aurosonic Feat. Ange – Without You (2011 Mix)

– Ben Gold Feat. Senadee – Today (Original Mix)

– EDU Feat. Aelyn – Taken Away (Original Mix)

– Esmaye – Water in the sea

– Fender Woods – Hold On Me (Original Mix)

– Forgotten Feat. Blackfeel Wite – Earth

– Hoyaa featuring Aminda – Midnight Forest

– Jo Micali Feat. Hanna Finsen – Fade Away

– Jorg Zimmer featuring Eva Kade – Fire in my Head

– Lisaya Feat. Guido Staps – Veriditas (Extended Vocal Mix)

– M Lovers VS Deepface Feat. Emma Hewitt – Wake Up

– Michael Badal Feat. Shamina – Find A Way

– Moussa Clarke feat. Kathleen Fisher – Love Key

– Nash & Pepper – I Killed The Love (Mike Foyle Vocal Mix)

– N’Heaven Feat. Becci Harvey – Hands of Fate

– Peter Lesko Feat. Essence – My Everything

– Purple Cocktail feat. V.Ray – Good Day

– Reuben Keeney Feat. Glenn Rosborough – Give It Some Time (Morgan Page Remix)

– Ron van den Beuken vs TOM ft. Hadassah – The Voice Inside

– Sasha Virus Feat. Dilara – Still Fall

– Sean Tyas feat. Lo-Fi Sugar – The World

– Soulcry Feat. Guido Staps – Dying to Live (Extended Mix)

– Ruby & Tony Feat. Lo Fi Sugar – You'll Be Mine (George Acosta Remix)

– Tasadi – Luna (Original Mix)

– Tom Cloud Feat. Tiff Lacey – A new day

– Vitodito And Soulforge Feat. Daniela Bove – Pastel Twilight (Original Mix)


24 thoughts on “Read Me”

  1. Hey, great job with the blog! It s the only one I follow for trance and the lyrics here I found always been on the same type with mine. It s not a bad idea with the forum, honestly I never got used with keeping it up with forums. But being already familiarized with your blog and know what kind of lyrics are posted here I think it will be a start for me to spread the word out… about Trance. Sooo… go ahead with the forum, you got my vote! πŸ˜€


  2. Awe Allie!!! Thank youuu I know you support this blog a lot and I appreciate it! Especially when you help me out with the lyrics and stuff!! ❀


  3. thank you so much….but i want ask u if i have a lyrics for a new tracks…how i can publish that here ???


  4. u r doing an excellent job…!!probably one of the best sites around…lyrics are perfect…we love trance music and this site is really making us love more and more in trance…i wish u all the best for the future of this site..!!Really site has got a huge collection of lyrics…!!


  5. ur site is just brilliant…good work bro ;)…currently listening to departures-robbert rivera ft lizzy curious(cosmic gate dub) πŸ™‚ its just relaxing πŸ™‚


  6. tristan Garner is al so good :).especially the rapture remix…u want some music kickin u..this is da perfect one πŸ™‚


  7. Please someone can to put the lyric to this song (it is the wonderfull)
    – Julie Thompson – Something To You
    Very Thanks


  8. Please, lyrics or words for this song “Julie Thompson – Something To You”. Thanks
    Someone put here in this web. Helpppp


  9. Thans by themes, Please, someone put lyrics in this web of song “Julie Thompson – Something to you”, Thanks to you.


  10. Richard Durand & Pedro Del Mar featuring Roberta Harrison – Paint the sky
    check πŸ˜‰


  11. Great Website, placing the lyrics on. Its so much easier to find trance songs with amazing vocals now. Thank you.


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