I don’t know how many of you actually visit this blog, but for all you know I am from Venezuela. And we are going through a huge crisis: politically, economically and socially. All I ask of you guys is to take a few minutes from your time to watch the video I will leave under this comment, just watch it to understand a bit about what’s going on, just feel it as I feel every single comment you kindly leave each time you can in this piece of my life. Share it with your relatives, your friends, your workmates, everyone and ask them to pray for us. Let the world know about us, about our beautiful country that we are trying to get back.


4 thoughts on “SOS VENEZUELA”

  1. So much violence in the world!? Can we stop it somehow other than by praying and knowing that everything will turn out all right in the end? As an outsider it is hard to watch, but I know that these people will experience one day what it is to have inner peace and have a good living with each other.


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