Steve Brian & David Berkeley – George Square

She was walking cross George Square in the rain
I was high, I was so high in a plane
I was trying to see through the clouds
Looking for places we’d been
Like a sign, like a sunburst, like the letters in her name

She was walking quite slowly all alone
All the lights in the windows were aglow
But the statues they were so silent
That the rain splashing their heads
How bad she wanted to hear them tell her which way is best

We were back in George Square when the rain gave way
There’s something in how the spring comes so suddenly
And the dress she wore was yellow
And the rain was in her hair
How bad I wanted to tell her that I would always be there

No girl, don’t hide your heart from me now
I am on my way down
I’ll be on your side
So girl, don’t change, don’t change, please don’t change
I’m on your side, I’m on your side


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