George Acosta ft. Lizzie Curious – Like Home

I built a fortress around my heart
Stranded fences so I’d never fall apart
Wouldn’t let anybody in
Kept my Pain inside, I buried everything

A prisoner in my own chains
I convinced myself I won’t get hurt again
Put barriers so way up high
No more heartbreak, no they’ll never see me cry

‘Til there was you
It was if you broke the spell that kept my hiding
Everything that you do, you take my breath away
I never knew, if i let go there’d be someone there to catch me
A whole sky of blue, you chase my clouds away

You chase my clouds away

If feels like home

Your love shines down as though you lift me from the shadows
When I hold your hand I’m not alone
You’re my guiding light, I didn’t think I’d need protection
When I’m in your arms it feels like home


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