Tucandeo Pres Storyline Feat. Anthya – Crystal Sky

Tell me why
In your eyes
Every dream has fallen down
Like dust under ground

When I broke my heart
For a dream without you
I lost every meaning too

And I
I feel you, I live you
Through a crystal sky
And here
Every day
Goes by slowly like a desert wind

It’s just silence in my heaven
I will cry
When bright sunlight touches my life
I can fly

*Thanks to Anthya for posting the lyrics!!*


12 thoughts on “Tucandeo Pres Storyline Feat. Anthya – Crystal Sky”

  1. Hi Ricardo…I saw now your comment..thank you so much for the compliment..I’m happy to know you like my voice;)Anthya


  2. Anthya, your voice is just perfect!!! I have never heard such a voice like yours!!!! Ever since I discovered this perfect song and voice, I hear it every single day!!!
    Keep on doing your magic and leaving your footprint around the world Anthya!!! n_n

    Greetings from Costa Rica!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Hi Randall!Thanks also to you for the compliments, for the support and for loving my voice and my song…thank you with all my heart:)


  4. I`ll listen to this track forever…so many times, every single day…Thanks Anthya…you`re a GIFT…It`s making me feel so desirable….please don`t ever stop…from Canada…


  5. Hi guys..I would answer to everyone but is not always possible but for me is important and I’m here to say you many thanks for your thoughts, your compliments and your nice words that for my heart are a precious gift…thanks you guys…with all my heart♥♥♥Anthya


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