John O’Callaghan Feat. LO-FI Sugar – Never Fade Away

Never fade away
Never fading out
Stars aren’t so bright
When you’re not here
I’ll wait forever my dear

Your light, your light
Your light, your light
May never disappear

Carry on through the night
Tomorrow you’ll find
A healed heart and a calming mind
A ray of light this world will not decline


17 thoughts on “John O’Callaghan Feat. LO-FI Sugar – Never Fade Away

  1. well … can´t sleep that night … I am still awake hearing to this awesome tune which reminds me @ my wonderful girlfriend … you can´t imagine how much I love her … this tune is really rocking my emotions … ❤


  2. I absolutely love this song. someone really close to me passed away and this song reminds me of him soooooo much. i love it.


  3. This song really hits me… It makes me think of the girl I left behind at the other side of the world.. cant describe the emotions this song gives me


  4. This reminds me of a relationship I had with a girl, it was always on and off. Now she lives in France and all I wan´t is for us to be together again. I shiver with this song, makes me feel like she was right beside me, it makes everything so clear. I will be back with this girl in 9 days, and this song will be the one that makes me smile forever


  5. this song made me cry….i was broken from the core of my heart………….loved it….hats off to andy…thanx for this tune……


  6. this song is for lovers!!!!
    this song remind’s me the second morning with my true love and our kiss!!!
    i ll wait for him forever!!!!!!!!


  7. This song touches me so much. Since a week or two, I’m interested with a guy who’s also interested in me. Actually, I’ve been listening to this song everyday since I’m with him. We’re kinda going out together but he already has his gf. I already knew it and went ahead anyway. Now we’re getting closer and it hurts more n more.. We know we’re heading in the wrong direction n we know we should stop. But we got no idea how. To part now will will be too painful. I know am the other woman and will never win him over her. I feel he’s the one yet he’s someone else’s… This song feels alive… Trance is like this. It transport you to a point in time and emotions..


  8. Tonight is one of that nights which you cant sleep…
    Im having a bad time with my gf and i dont want to lose her…I feel so so sad…
    And i cant stop to listen this wonderfull song.
    I close my eyes and i can see the best moments with her….
    I really wanna cry…
    But at the same time..listening this flying far away from here…
    I would like not lose her..because i love her so much….
    Trance 4 ever.


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